These Are The 5 Things You Do That Are Damaging Your Hair!

These Are The 5 Things You Do That Are Damaging Your Hair!

Everyone wants to have soft and healthy hair in all cases to increase their attractiveness. Many people spend a lot of time and effort on hair care with the expectation that their hair will grow strong and favorable. But for many people, the results they receive are often the opposite. The reason for the confusing situation is that they mistakenly think that hair care does not require any technique or attention.

Some people believe that frequent shampooing is a good way to take care of your hair. This is completely wrong. Hair care needs a lot of caution and passion. The passion here is to invest in finding the right information for hair care, not just to taking care of the hair effortlessly. By searching effective hair care tips and common mistakes that people often do make the hair damaged, you have the potential to own the great and strong hair.

If you are still not aware of these common errors, then keep reading. We will provide you with all the necessary information for you in the process of beautify your hair.

Shampooing too often

It is true that regular shampooing is very important for hair care and keeping your hair clean and strong. But too frequent shampooing will cause your hair to lose naturally essential oils needed for your hair to grow and prevent impacts from environment. Instead of shampooing your hair daily, you can apply the daily wetting process and wash it the next day or every three days. The time of each shampoo is decided by you as it depends on your use of other products for styling your hair. Experts also point out that daily shampoo also adversely affects the scalp and makes dandruff easy to grow as well as makes your hair vulnerable to dirt and other external environmental factors.

Too many good things

The use of shampoo for washing your hair daily is not really good. You can wash your hair with clean water and use shampoo every 2 to 3 days. After shampooing with clean water, do not use the dryer to dry your hair, let it dry naturally. If possible, wash your hair with bottled pure water as it is better for your hair. Mineral water will often make your hair drier and harder. And the use of other hair care products such as hair oil and conditioner as well. You should not use them too often. Whatever you do, you should only provide enough care for your hair. If you provide too many nutrients, your scalp and hair may be overcharged.

Failing to brush before washing

Your hair will become weaker when getting wet and combing your hair while it is wet is a stupid thing which makes your hair damaged and fell out. Wet hair is easy to tangle so almost everyone wants to comb it when shampooing. So to avoid brushing your hair while it is wet, make sure you brush the hair before you wash your hair. Another way you can apply in this case is to use your fingers to brush your hair under the shower or use a wide-toothed comb. However, you must do this gently and carefully. But it is best to straighten your hair when it is still dry and then go to the bathroom.

Frequent Coloring of Hair

Many people choose to change hairstyles as their pleasure and hobby. But for some others, instead of changing their hairstyle, they choose to change their hair color regularly. This preference is normal because changing the hair color may create new look very effectively. However, hair dye really is poison for your hair. Most of the hair dyes on the market today have hair-damaging ingredients, although they provide a safe haven for the hair on the package. For those who put a lot of energy into their hair, they are always concerned about finding safe hair products, but no one can guarantee that these products will not bring bad effects to the hair. In addition, it may provide high allergenicity for you if you change your hair color too often. Hair dyes also cause a lot of damage to your scalp. There is a method to help people loving often changing their hair color that is looking for products made from the natural ingredients for hair. However, they need to make sure that they are real and safe.

Bad towel drying techniques

Most people do not know about the technique of using towel to dry their hair. After you wash your hair or use hair care products, you must use a towel to dry it. While drying your hair with a towel, most people rub their wet hair seriously as this can make the hair dry faster. This is the foolish action because the excessive rubbing of the hair can lead to damage and breakage. It also makes your hair fall out more than usual. The proper way to dry your hair is to wrap all your hair with a towel after shampooing and leave it for 15 minutes. If after removing the towel, you still want to wipe your hair dry, cover the hair body with the towel and press your hands gently to absorb the rest water. This method can take you more time but it will help your hair to avoid damage.

In addition to avoiding the basic mistakes in hair care above, you should also note some other notices in order to protect your hair. First, you should limit using the hairdryer. Let your hair dry naturally if possible. And if you have to use a dryer, turn on the cool air mode instead of using the heat mode. Secondly, restrict the use of hair styling machines such as hot iron as these machines certainly harm your hair. The third one is to make sure you brush all of your hair when combing. Many people think that combing can damage their hair, so they limit hair combs and brush the tangled hair. This is wrong thinking. If you only brush a portion of your hair, you cannot evenly distribute the natural oils on the scalp to your hair entirely. Make sure that when combing your hair, you brush your hair from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

These are the five common mistakes people make every day for their hair and some other tips. I hope this gives you the necessary knowledge to take care of hair and avoid wrong actions that cause damage to hair.

Wish you have smooth and healthy hair soon. 


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