Spraying Naira Is Punishable By Six Months Imprisonment

Spraying Naira Is Punishable By Six Months Imprisonment

The Central Bank of Nigeria revealed that spraying Naira is punishable by Six Months Imprisonment. Can you believe that? One of the most fun parts of events, be it weddings, house-warmings, naming ceremonies e.t.c, is actually prohibited by law. WOW!

I was actually looking forward to being sprayed at my wedding. Well I guess that’s in the dust now. Priscilla Eleje, Active Director of CBN’s currency operations, revealed the news during a public sensitization and enlightenment campaign in Ibadan on Saturday. She says that “Naira is our pride as a country. So respect it”.

To me spraying money at events is more of a celebratory culture than an act of disrespect. Everywhere we spray naira and even dollars. It’s only a matter of time before we start spraying cryptocurrency.

Well there you have it, spraying naira is against the law.  Let’s look for something else to spray at our weddings now. Yes! we can do bitcoin.


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