3 Packing Mistakes We Make Over and Over Again

3 Packing Mistakes We Make Over and Over Again

I love travelling and exploring new places. If travelling was a subject I am sure I would be the teacher. But nobody’s perfect and there’s one thing we can’t avoid in any aspect of life, MISTAKES! This post will tell you about 3 packing mistakes people make over and over again.

Everybody make mistakes, but it doesn’t change the fact that they still are annoying. So I did some research and came up with the top 3 mistakes we make when packing.

  1. Overdoing it on extras: I usually pack a lot of irrelevant things when I travel. Most times I end up not using them and they become a burden on my shoulders. Don’t pack things you don’t need or else they become extra load for you to carry.
  2. Forgetting about “downtime”: Downtime is the free time you get to relax or play between events when you go on a trip. I often forget to pack comfortable clothes that I can play in. Never forget about downtime or your “working” clothes will start running out fast because they become your “playing” clothes.
  3. Too Many Shoes: I. LOVE. SHOES. I always find it hard to decide which shoes to pack because each of my shoes give me a different look when I wear them. I solved this by disciplining myself and picking a shoe that could go with most of the outfits I had packed(like black shoes).

There it is! These are real problems that people make everyday but no worries, here at Kamdora we’ve got you covered








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