10 Things You Should Have in Your Gym Bag

10 Things You Should Have in Your Gym Bag

The gym is one of my best friends. How else do you think I keep this wonderful body of mine intact. When going to the gym, I know what to carry with me in my gym bag. This post will tell you about 10 things you should have in your gym bag when going for workout sessions.

I have a bag for everywhere I go including the gym. Yes! It’s that serious. What would I do without my gym bag and all the things it contains. But truly sometimes packing for a gym bag seems like you’re preparing for an examination or going on vacation.

It doesn’t have to be this complicated though. Check out below for 10 things you should have in your gym bag.


1. Dry Shampoo

Most times after workouts you have to go to work or even attend events. A dry shampoo would help you eliminate an oily scalp and it could also act as a deodorizer and perfume too!

2. Flip Flops

After  gym workouts you should never use the public showers without flip flops. Some public showers have a lot fungus and germs. That’s why you need to wear flip flops so you don’t contact infections.

3. Microfibre Towel

If you go for a workout session and don’t sweat it means you didn’t do anything. With every workout session comes lots of sweating. That’s why you need a towel in your bag to regularly wipe off sweat during your sessions.

4. Hand Sanitizer

I don’t think I need to explain this. Workout equipment can be dirty and disgusting. Stay safe with a handy sanitizer in your gym bag.

5. Water Bottle

Of course some gyms have water dispensers but what if they don’t have disposable cups available. You can’t afford to use your sweaty hands to drink water so you need to have a water bottle on you.

6. Hair Elastics (or Rings)

Hair elastics are to help you tie your hair so they don’t get in the way during your workout. Because they are small, they could  be hard to keep on you as you won’t know when they magically disappear. Keep hair elastics in your gym bag so they don’t get lost on your way to the gym.

7. Deodorant

Keeping a deodorant in your gym bag help you smell really nice after workouts.

8. Pre or Post-Workout Snack

Some people like to work out on an empty stomach, others don’t. You should always have something light to eat in between workout sessions so you have some extra energy to keep going.

9. Wipes

Wipes, a unique alternative to micro fibre towels, are multipurpose, compact and will save you on a good number of occasions.

10. Reusable Wet/Dry Bag

You should keep your dirty gym clothes in a separate bag after workouts. this will help trap sweaty smells and prevent any mixup with your clean clothes.

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