Kamdora Beauty Presents: 5 Makeup Inspiration To Slay

Kamdora Beauty Presents: 5 Makeup Inspiration To Slay

Let us face it ladies, we love makeup. At least half of the time we spend preparing for events is used to applying makeup. We can’t even stand passing by the makeup store without going in to have a look. But like with anything we love, it has its drawbacks.

Every time I have to wear it, I battle with the look I want especially when I want to try out something new. I usually wear  the same style every time and I know within myself that it is BORING!

I did a research and I realized that all I needed was something to inspire me. Then I wrote out a list of all the people that inspire me and gbam! There was a change! If you are having the same problems I did and need inspiration, I’ve got you covered.  

Below are 5 pictures that would inspire your creativity. Thank me later!


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