4 Things Ladies Need To Leave Behind This Year

4 Things Ladies Need To Leave Behind This Year

We ladies crave for lasting relationships yet we act out of place every time! This post will tell you the 4 things ladies need to leave behind this year so you can have long lasting relationship!

There was this time my friend called me and was crying. She said she went on a date with her guy because they were fighting and they needed to resolve the issue. When they got there, things didn’t go as planned and they broke up! I blame my friend because she is a diva. She wants to have things done in her own way!

I will tell you the things you as a lady need to leave behind if you don’t want to end up heart broken.

1.The use of make up: It is honestly not bad to use make up. There is no crime in it but when you apply make up and you do not blend well, that is a problem. Try to get your right shade. If you don’t know your shade, you can ask a make up artist to help you out.

2.Gym tactics: Going to the gym just so you can post something on snapchat. I was in the gym one day and a lady came to the gym dropped her bags and started snapping. Immediately she was done snapping, she picked up her backs and left, I was in shock!

3.Twitter: You can tweet about yourself and all but when you are in a relationship, don’t go about tweeting everything that happens in it.Your boyfriend says he is hungry, it goes on twitter. He says he likes your hair, it goes on twitter. sometimes things are better left unspoken. let your personal life be your personal life.

4.Mind games: Okay so this is the last and something I am very guilty of. This is one thing I know really pisses guys off. Just go straight to the point, stop beating around the bush and dragging them back and forth. If its a yes say it is a yes, if it a no say it is a no!

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