Lolu’s Corner: You Need Music Way More Than You Think

Lolu’s Corner: You Need Music Way More Than You Think

You love it, you don’t know why. Turn up the decibels, it speaks volumes.

It understands you way better than your closest friends. It’s music. It’s your life.

For centuries, music has been beneficial to different people for different reasons. These are 3 top reasons why you need music more than you think you do!

1. Music improves physical performance.

Sportsmen and women, physical trainers, body builders etc, usually listen to fast or slow music as a form of motivation. Marcelo Bigliassi, in his study of Psycho-physiological effects of audiovisual stimuli, showed that athletes who listened to songs that inspire them performed better than they did without music.

2. Music reduces stress and depression.

In the words of Berthold Auerbach, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Listening to music stimulates your stress hormone, cortisol and diminishes the effects of chronic stress.

Depression which affects over 300million people worldwide, can be contained by listening to music. Numerous sleep researchers have discovered that symptoms of depression reduced significantly in patients that listened to classical music.

3. Music raises IQ and memory.

Research has shown that kids that take music lessons early on record higher academic performance than their counterparts that never took music lessons. Encouraging kids to sing, listen to music or learn a musical instrument can positively influence their academic performance.

Alzheimer’s patients are equally being treated with music therapy to easily remember past events.

Music has always been food for the soul, find what works best for you and flourish.

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