Wedding Series: How To Pick The Perfect Bridesmaid

Wedding Series: How To Pick The Perfect Bridesmaid

Every bride wants their bridesmaids to make their day. We ladies want our wedding to be unforgettable. A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride. This is one aspect every bride should take seriously. You can’t pick your bridesmaid just because they are fine or a particular shade. Today, we will teach you how to pick the perfect bridesmaid.

A bridesmaid is a female friend that offers help during your wedding. They are meant to support you and carry the stress off your head during the wedding planning, but nowadays we find out that the bridesmaids are the ones giving the brides more stress.There are different types of bridesmaids. I’m going to be telling you guys about types of bridesmaid to go for.

  1. The Diva: These kind of bridesmaids want everything and anything going their way. They are their own queens and don’t care about anybody around them. They want everybody to go by their own rules when they are not even the bride. They can be effective to an extent but you don’t want the other girls to feel somehow. This is a total NO!
  2. The Economist: They destroy the whole plans, they cannot bring out money for anything. They look for the cheapest possible way to do their own things which will turn out to be different from every other persons’ and will eventually destroy the uniformity. They are a complete no.
  3. The Complainers: These are the ones that never agree to something. If a fellow bridesmaid suggests something, they are like..oh do we have to? no, I can’t do that. Blah blah blah. It will be best to leave them out. You don’t need extra headache!
  4. The Negative ones: They probably do not believe in love. So whatever you are trying to do, they a busy there throwing negativity at you and you do not need that during a wedding. You need positive people around you to ginger you no matter what. They are a no.
  5. The turn up queens: Every lady should have a turn up queen as their bridesmaid. They will always be there to ginger you in any form any kind of way. They are the life of the party and every bride want their bridal shower to be lit. so you should definitely have one on your train.
  6. The big sisters: These ones help you totally, they go with you everywhere. Always make sure you have what you want. They are very caring. Ladies, trust me you should have one of these, your wedding will be stress free.

So these are few tips for some ladies having troubles picking bridesmaids, it will go a long way. Now after selecting your bridesmaid, I feel you should organize a hangout with the groomsmen so they all can get familiar and not throw faces on your big day!

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