Men’s Corner: How To Know You Are Ready For Marriage

Men’s Corner: How To Know You Are Ready For Marriage

How To Know You Are Ready For Marriage!

Friday night dinner, you discreetly signal to the waiter, he catches your sign and fades into the background.
You’ve practiced this process for weeks but you’re still not ready. Well, you thought you were but that confidence is suddenly gone.
The waiter returns with your drinks, one for you and the other for the beautiful lady right in front of you. You take a sip of your champagne, whilst looking into your glass to make sure it’s clear of any 18 karat rose-gold debris. It is. Now you’re worried, you suddenly feel she might take a large gulp and choke on metal. She doesn’t. She sees the ring and takes it out. You smile sheepishly and go on bended knee…”Will you marry me?”.

But wait. Is she ready?
Am I ready?

Two years ago, a senior friend of mine got married and I asked him how he knew he was ready. He said, “I just knew. You really can’t go wrong with decisions like this”. These are 3 ways to know you’re ready to pop the question.

1. You’ve both attained 100% trust.
It’s basic knowledge to know that strong marriages are built on trust. When you trust your partner with secrets, finances, deep gist etc you are almost certain that you will have a blissful marriage. You’re definitely on the path to successfully popping that question.

2. Your finances are set and she knows it.
You know the old saying about Romance and Finance? No? Okay. Well, simply put it says, “no romance without finance”. Simply put, your woman can’t be assured if she’s not insured. Although it’s safe to say that not everyone will be completely financially buoyant by the time they get married and that’s okay. But the vision, prospects and potential must be telling. When your woman is well aware of your financial status and your ability to develop same, she’ll be ready to say ‘Yes’ when you bend that knee.

3. She has been giving you signs
Most times, the feminine mind is full of signs, symbols and cryptic messages. Some are Da Vinci level, while some are as in your face as a stubborn pimple. You know those signs and you’ve probably translated them correctly. “Just imagine our little twins running around the house”, “Seychelles is such a wonderful honeymoon holiday destination”, “I would love my wedding gown to be 23 feet long”.

After all has been said and done, one thing is least likely to fail you. Your gut feeling. If you’re sure within you that you’re ready to propose…go for it. I mean, you can’t score if you don’t shoot

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