How To Spot Fake Items

How To Spot Fake Items

A lot of people look for every means to make money. Some people go to the extent of producing fake items and selling to people without pity. This happens mostly in Nigeria, our popular “Aba” boys are always ready to make money. Without saying a word, your dressing already says a lot about you! So, let’s learn how to spot fake items!

One time, I bought a dress and I didn’t bother to check it before I left, I wore it to an event feeling cool until one of my friends to tell me the dress was fake. I argued with her because I paid a lot of money for the dress, but apparently there was nothing I could do. I was just angry. Till now I still remember that day because it was too embarrassing.

So guys if you’re tired and frustrated about this whole fake clothe issue, watch this video and your troubles might be reduced. Make sure you check your clothes properly before you purchase them because of counterfeits circulating around the market.  Thank me later!

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