Diary Of A Lasgidi Boy: A Movie I Was Forced To Act!

Diary Of A Lasgidi Boy: A Movie I Was Forced To Act!

Lagos I hail thee. I had always heard stories about these sort of things and watched the drama unfold of this kind of thriller movies from the comfort of my TV Screen; never did I imagine that in my wildest dreams I will one day become the lead actor in this dreadful live action movie.

It all started one cold, windy morning in January when I decided to leave home for work quite early (I reside at Yaba and work at Lekki by the way). I had previously been a bad boy….a perpetual late comer to work; so I decided my new resolution for 2018 was to right that wrong in my life and here I was diligently following through.

I got to Sabo bus stop around quarter past 5 and before I could say Jack Robinson(I wonder who the h*ll that guy was by the way) a yellow bus came through with the conductor shouting “Obalende, Obalende”. After a light assessment of the faces already in the bus, I decided to board the bus when I saw two young female faces in the back seat.

As I entered the bus, the driver didn’t wait too long before he turned his ignition and started the ride… which turned out to be my ride to hades! We got to the next bus stop and turned round from the supposed path of the journey and my spider senses started tingling but on a low level(Yeah I have spider senses, don’t be  jealous). I didn’t freak out cos we were half full in the bus and it has happened on more than 1 occasion before so I assumed the driver was going to look for more passengers.

Both girls then alighted the bus a couple of minutes later and 1 of the girls kept staring at me trying to make eye contact and in my mind I was like ‘it’s just 5.30am and someone is already feeling the boy, I be bad guy o ‘

A couple of seconds later as we drove off I felt 2 huge arms from behind pin me down to my seat, the guy by my side snatched my bag from me and said “Oya identify yourself.”

I tried getting my bag from him and it resulted in a struggle which tore the bag. As I was in the middle of the commotion; I felt cold steel with a hollow ending pointed on the back of my neck. It was as if the gun transmitted the coldness to my body; I literally froze.

A hand from the back then removed my Samsung S7 edge from the pockets of my trouser. The guy in front with the driver then turned and brandished a curved dagger with a killer look in his eyes as if to say “Oga calm down if you no want turn suya”.

The guy beside me then slapped me and told me to lie down flat on the floor of the bus. I fell flat to the floor like a Jss1 boy obeying the command of an SS3 bullly. My white starched shirt caressed the oily, hot floor of the rickety bus.

They asked for my phone password and ordered me to reset it to default and also to restore the phone to factory settings. The guy with my bag then asked for laptop password and with little drops of tears I gave it to him.

My confused state left me staring at the guy’s face while I laid down on my back and this angered the guy and he shouted “You dey look my face abi!, you dey look my face abi!!” and before I knew it he slapped Aboniki on my eyes; the pain was out of this world.

They asked for my ATM pin and I initially gave them the wrong one, after about 20 seconds the guy slapped my chest and barked, “You dey give us fake pin, shey you dey mad ni?”. My heart skipped and I thought he was using some kind of jazz so I then unhappily gave him my ATM pin which had only N4000.

We got to another bus stop and one of the guys alighted from the bus; apparently to go and withdraw the cash. While we were at that bus stop they ordered me to keep shut and fold my legs inside then the conductor started calling out “CMS! CMS!!”. A female passenger then boarded the bus and we took off.

The same twisted plot I had just encountered then replayed before me; this time around the new female passenger was the lead actor

When they were done with us they dropped us somewhere in Surulere and zoomed off. The speed with which the female passenger ran made to forget my sorrow and open a smile. She ran like someone whose village people were chasing her. A group of kids came and brought water for me which I used to wash my eyes. I thanked them and carried my torn bag to look for who will borrow me transport fare back home.

As I was about zipping the torn bag, I saw N150 inside…the robbers kept transport fare for me. Thanks…but no thanks!

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