Badru’s Corner: Who Do You Know You Are?

Badru’s Corner: Who Do You Know You Are?

.Who do you know you are?

Identity seems to be the biggest crisis going on in our day. Many people see themselves in the picture their parents, teachers, peers and adversaries have painted for them. People do not how to come to a true conclusion of who they are.

Sometimes, I see some embark on a trip of self-discovery, from which they do not get many results. When people don’t know/doubt who they are, it forces them to embrace a part of their life, for example, their career, like their life depends on it.

I discovered the search for identity is not a new one. It’s the cause of many suicidal thoughts and actual suicides. When you find out who you really are, it affects how you view the entire world and the events surrounding your life.

God our creator and maker has given us a mirror that should reflect any person who wants a recovery of man’s lost identity. We received the mirror at salvation. God brought Jesus to die for the sins of man-kind to give man access to God.

He did not stop there! He gave us the true photographs of ourselves. Jesus gave us his words so that we can gaze on this true picture of ourselves till every iota of doubt about who we are, is resolved.

The man who believes in Christ completely takes on his (Christ’s) identity. He is to keep looking at that identity for his mind to be fully convinced of it. Guess what? His behavior is shaped too. He begins to see himself as God sees him, which is as the man in Christ.

This is why it is very important to believe that Jesus paid for your sins. It rids you of the guilt to keep holding on them. You are fully free to behold yourself in the mirror of his word, where all you see is you in Christ. You are Christ’s!

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