Motivation For The Day: Life Is Beautiful

Motivation For The Day: Life Is Beautiful

This life is beautiful. When everything seems to be falling apart, the more you get, the more you feel sad. This life, wherever it leads, we must follow this life. No matter what you do, you’ll gone someday! This life, this life is real!

Life is beautiful when everything goes as planned. The normal way we all picture life is that after school we serve our fatherland and get a good job for those of us that are not ready for masters.

We expect to get well paid jobs so that we can save. We expect to fall in love with the perfect yet imperfect man/woman that would eventually end up in marriage and have the most beautiful children ever!

In 2-3 years of our marriage, we are already making plans to travel to the abroad and live a happy life outside Nigeria.

The thing we never plan for eventually happens. We don’t get that well payingb job that we have dreamt about. We end up with a broken heart and give up on the thing called love. The plan to travel abroad fails woefully and we become depressed.

Life happens to everybody in general. People might not tell you exactly what they have gone through or what they are going through but the most important thing is that they decided to overcome such unpleasant situation(s).

I define experience as the number of terrible situations that presented itself and you never gave up! We shouldn’t always be misguided by these celebrities, they show us on social media that life is perfect and deep down they know that It is a big LIE!

The saying “Life happens” symbolizes things didn’t go as planned but what do you do when life happens? What fills your thought during these times?

SUICIDE is not an option! Don’t think that ending your life is the only solution to your problem. Do you ever think of the people that love you? Your parents? Your friends? Your husband? Your children? Your colleagues? Your church members? Do you picture/imagine what they would go through when you die?

There is this thing I say to my friends and myself whenever things don’t work out.

“You go dey alright, last, last!” You must believe that everything that has a beginning would surely have an ending.

Your pain, your tears, your suffering, your shame, your fears etc would surely come to an end someday. Stop chasing after things and live your life to the fullest.

Live like it is your last day but plan for tomorrow!.

You will end up dying but what do you want people to say about you when you die? What do you want them to miss about you?

Boluwatife Ayinde
Boluwatife is an Editorial Assistant at Kamdora. Ever since she discovered her passion for writing at a young age, she has developed her skill by writing for renowned websites. She recently developed a passion for fashion and has since been using her talent wisely! Tife blogs about her personal style and offers guides to making life better for the average Nigerian girl!

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