Editorial: Simplicity Is What Fashion Is Missing!

Editorial: Simplicity Is What Fashion Is Missing!

Simplicity is what fashion is missing!

A million fashion rules have been established over the years. From the use of red lipstick, to the handy accessories every lady must have! Perhaps what nobody ever mentioned is the difference between fashion and dress ups.

Fashion is an expression of what is inside of us as individuals. It is not going overboard with the perfectly cut dress or getting carried away by the trends in the society. Fashion is an expression and it is more appropriate to say it a way of life.

The rigidity of fashion in the middle ages have not been eradicated by the freedom that is so enormously clamored by the 21st century.  If anything, fashion Is more rigid and one sided.

In this sense what the society perceives as fashion comes from celebrities or better still the rich and expensive people in the society. In the middle ages, people weren’t so large and properly equipped, there were shackles in every area of their lives and that could easily be passed for fashion too. The gentlemen must wear coats and the women parasols and all manner of highly styled hair with 24 hairpins. Just the thought of it alone brings a smile to the face.

The mistake most fashion designers make is the creation of clothes that are so unique thereby creating a ruckus in the industry. Honestly most of them have succeeded. At least I can speak for designers like Gucci, Prada and (my favorite) Versace!

I classify the rest as cutting fabrics and mixing colors that end up turning into fashion clumsiness or let say expensive rubbish that 20% of the rich weirdoes would love to have! Making clothes that can only be worn for outrageous and elegant parties isn’t fashion. It is something that can tell a story about the wearer in a glance, maybe it safe to call it dress ups. Some fabrics are so ridiculously cut out and they are called clothes for human beings, most of them are just superhero costumes that nobody in their right senses should try out at least not me!

The pain that a lot of celebrity go through not being able to wear what suits them is the death they die inside, but nobody cares as long as it is elegant. I call them heroine in a tragic movie that died when their own lives reappeared just to suit the crowds that won’t be there forever.

This is why people like Adele will forever make me happy. Honestly, I think being unnecessary is now classified as elegant. Why wear beads and sequence like a dragon just to make fashion statements when you can go for either of them and still look fabulous?

What is all my babbling about?  Fashion is missing SIMPLICITY. Simplicity is what I call the look that kim kardashian pulled to the 2018 met gala awards. It might not make the front page of your local magazine but it’S certainly a kind of dress almost every reasonable person would love to try on!

Am I saying you shouldn’t look sophisticated and the total badass that you are? No! But don’t make common events that won’t last for more than a few hours kill the real you! Keep it simple and beautiful. Your flowery dress plumps and stud earring is a total bang.

Something I have come to understand about dressing over the years  from our own aunty Riri (Rihanna) is that dressing and fashion is never complete without an attitude. That is what differentiates her from all other people. Just maybe fashion is a dress up party afterwards, fitting into the character of what you wear. Or is that the mistake, maybe fashion was redefined to be what it wasn’t.

Your fashion is everything you are, keep it simple and don’t trade being you for common rigid fashion rules. The real thing fashion is missing is simplicity. And simplicity might be wearing the very thing that gives you the confidence not intimidate you or belittle you.

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    so in love with this article. you nailed the point my dear.

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