10 Signs To Tell He Is Definitely Into You!

10 Signs To Tell He Is Definitely Into You!

Ladies, we know we can hardly do without guys in our lives. Lol, but truth be told we actually need some company. It is kind of boring being around the same sex every time. So ladies we are going to talk about 10 signs to tell he is definitely into you!

1.HE MAKES EYE CONTACT: There is a difference between when someone looks at you normally and when someone looks at you with interest. You definitely know if he doesn’t want to end stare, he’s definitely into you!

2. HE ACTS FUNNY: When a guy goes out of his way to make you laugh. He never wants you to have a dull moment around him, he’s definitely into you!

3.HIS FRIENDS’ CHARACTER: If his friends try to engage you in conversations frequently and they try to humiliate him or tease him when y’all are together, he’s definitely into you!

4.HE HUGS: Guys aren’t usual huggers so when a guy initiates a hug at any time or he uses any opportunity he gets to touch you, (must not be something sexual just something casual) he’s definitely into you!

5.HE ALWAYS TRIES TO BE AROUND YOU: When a guy goes out of his way to always be around you, he always wants to see you, talk to you and laugh with you, he’s definitely into you!

6.HE ASKS PERSONAL QUESTIONS: When a guy asks you personal questions. Questions about your family and your likes, he’s definitely into you!

7.HE IS ALWAYS NERVOUS: When a guy acts nervous around you, he’s always restless. He plays with his hands and his hair he’s definitely into you!

8.HE ALWAYS ATTENTIVE: when a guy is really attentive to what goes on in your life. He notices the slightest change in your appearance, he’s definitely into you!

9.HE ACTS PROTECTIVE: When a guy acts protective around you. For instance you both go out and you trip he prevents you from falling, he’s definitely into you! But when he is overly protective, my sister, run for your life!

10.HE TEASES YOU: When he gives out little insults to you, which you’re okay with. For instance calls you a big head that’s a sign, but don’t mistake abuses for teasing, he’s definitely into you!

    Do not just get one of these signs and assume he’s definitely into you, LOL, NO!. Only if he’s showing a minimum of 5 points on this list, then that’s when he’s into you. Do not also forget there are other fishes in the sea so if you like him and he’s not showing any of these signs..Let him go!

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