9 Reasons Why Too Much Sugar Is Bad For You

9 Reasons Why Too Much Sugar Is Bad For You

It is no longer news that we ladies love sugar a whole lot. I am sure if we were given the option to chose between our boyfriend and sugar, most of us will chose sugar. That is how deep the love is. I am here to tell you 9 reasons why too much sugar is bad for you!

  1. It Is Inflammatory- Inflammation is a good thing under normal conditions. It helps the body rebound from injuries and it repairs muscle tissues. When you consume too much sugar, you place your body in a constant state of inflammation. This act prevents the body from recovering well after workouts. You can also develop heart disease, arthritis, Type 2 diabetes and cancer.
  2. It Can Make You Hungry- If you are trying to lose weight, the last thing you should be doing is eating something that increases your hunger! The thing we do not know about sugar is that, it messes with our body’s ability to tell us when we are full. Consuming sugar produces Leptin (the hormone that sends a signal to the brain that you are full).
  3. It Provides Empty Calories- What is the point of eating something that doesn’t count? Sugar provides empty calories that provides the body with energy without fibre, vitamins and minerals. These calories stored as fat, thereby adding more weight to your body!
  4. It Is Addictive- When you hear addiction, the first thing that comes to your mind is drugs. Well, sugar can be an addiction too! Just like drugs, sugar releases chemicals that activates the brain’s pleasure center. This action gives the “high” feeling whenever sugar is consumed. Some people reject food whenever they notice that there is no sugar in the food.
  5. It Can Make You Fat- Fructose causes your liver to efficiently store fat. The sad part is that fructose can only be processed by the liver. So whenever you eat excess sugar, the liver becomes overloaded and turns the excess fructose into fat.
  6. It Can Cause Depression- There is a connection between blood sugar and mood. Whenever your blood sugar is uneven, your mood becomes uneven as well. I can clearly state that your blood sugar can determine your mood. The more you feed on sugar, the more you lack the essential amino acids and vitamins to assist your mood.
  7. Sugar Causes Wrinkles- Now if you don’t want to have wrinkles, say no to sugar! Sugar in the blood attaches to proteins which causes advanced glycation end products. This attacks the fibres in elastin and collagen thereby making your skin supple.
  8. It Can Suppress Your Immune System- Excess sugar can empty your body of the essential nutrients required for a healthy immune system
  9. It Can Lead To Diabetes- Too much intake of sugar can result in type 2 diabetes.


Boluwatife Ayinde
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