Top Wedding Trends We Are Loving in 2018!

Top Wedding Trends We Are Loving in 2018!


2018 promises to be a wedding year that will go down in wedding history. For a few years, couples trying to tweak traditional wedding trends and make them different. However, today’s couple is hey have reached a point where they are throwing caution to the wind and doing things their way. Their weddings are not just weddings; it is their brand. They are making a statement about who they are and what they want. It is very exciting, and the wedding industry is thrilled to join in on the fun.

Below we will give you just a few examples of what you can expect from the modern wedding

Exotic wedding and bridesmaid dresses

Bridal parties look nothing like they did in recent years. More brides are choosing the color black! This is a classic and chic wedding gown choice that is turning the heads of wedding gown designers internationally. Bridesmaids are being dressed in vintage, time-specific dresses. They may be in the 1920’s flapper style or the full skirt of the 1950’s. Whatever time period the bride chooses, the dresses are sensational.

Non Traditional bridesmaid gowns that are hot for 2018 include glam gowns. This means metallics, yards of chiffon, sequins, beads, and over-the-top shine.

As more Americans are tracing their heritages, the popularity of multicultural dresses is emerging. Bridesmaids dressed in wedding garments designs for brides of the Indian culture are making an appearance. Soft pastel dresses complete with a hijab from Turkey are being worn. You may also see brides wearing the elaborate headdresses which are worn by brides in Bali.

Make it a celebration! Party Time!

Couples want their friends and family to have fun at their wedding. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a ceremony followed by a dinner and dance. But they are kicking it up to the next level.


Photobooths are always a huge success. People want to take their pictures. They want to take their pictures in their wedding garb, acting silly, alone or crammed in a silly group. It does not matter if the guests are 18 or 60, a photobooth is always fun and this is a hot wedding trend.

Party On!

After the dinner is eaten, the cake is served, and the guests are starting to thin out, liven things up! Bring in a live band or a hot DJ to start the after hours celebration. Kick off the high heels, open the bar, and let the after party begin!

Honeymoon registry

Get the word out. Post it on your social media pages, tell your bridal party to pass the word, and tell your family. Traditional gifts are out and you want your gifts via a honeymoon registry. There is nothing you cannot get using this method and it reduces the opening and carrying of gifts to your home before you can head off for your honeymoon. Be sure to have a couple of laptops set up in a discreet place at your showers and parties.


The trends wedding experts see this year are unlike any before them. This is definitely going to be “be prepared for anything” year. We can hardly wait to see where it goes from here.



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