Feeling Low? Here Are 4 Mental Hacks To Help Build Your Self Confidence!

Feeling Low? Here Are 4 Mental Hacks To Help Build Your Self Confidence!


Walking through life without enough faith in yourself can lead you everywhere but where you actually wanted to be. It seems difficult to build your self confidence in today’s world where people often diminish others in order to look better in front of other people or feel better about them. Questioning yourself is a good practice to keep yourself protected from making hasty decisions; however, if you hold yourself back in front of every challenging situation then you might consider working on your self-belief.

Although building self-confidence is a journey, there are a few pieces of advice that should help you speed up the process and we want to share it with you. Let’s take a look at what you can do for yourself in order to build your self-confidence.


  • Think Less About Failure


Whenever we see someone we like or an opportunity for a better job opens up suddenly, our mind runs through all possible options regarding the final outcome. A lot of people freeze in these types of situations and give in to fear of failure. This is not something to be ashamed of, quite the opposite; this is a situation where we need to fight the fear, which is nothing more than a choice we make when we’re in front of a danger or out of our comfort zone. Instead of giving in to the fear of failure, try to explain yourself that if you don’t try you already failed. If we fight for an opportunity, even if we lose there is a strong sense of pride in knowing we did our best, we are fighters!

Even if later we recognize our own fault for the lack of success, it’s a valuable lesson because we know what not to do the next time we get in a similar situation.


  • Rethink Your True Value


It’s a virtue to be a modest person; not thinking too highly about ourselves can save us the world of troubles. Still, leaving out our qualities, pushing our former successes to the side, and forgetting all the great stuff we have in life can lead to low self-esteem. Whenever you find yourself in doubt in front of a challenge, think about your past accomplishments. Remember all the good things you did and how you overcame everything life has placed in front of you so far. You made it this far in life, so there has to be a pile of achievements that show what an awesome person you are.

Joseph Snyder, who works as a resume writer at CareersBooster once wrote: “I have had almost twenty years’ experience as a human resources manager and I know all the tricks in the book. I know what impresses potential employers and I know what creates an instant rejection. My experience and my qualifications have helped me write winning resumes for other people so they may get the job of their dreams.”

This kind of auto-revision can help you perceive your true value whenever you find yourself in doubt.



  • Don’t Fear the Judgment of Others


People see things differently all the time, what’s beautiful to you could be an aesthetic catastrophe for someone else. People are so different that we even see the same color in a different way. No matter if a popular, smart, or acclaimed person tries to shrink your personal worth or achievement, know that it’s just a personal opinion. Don’t think of other people’s criticism as an assessment of who you are. Naturally, we often compare ourselves with other people and it’s a good thing to have a role model, but don’t try to be someone else. Remember that some people are simply malicious and use our weaknesses to put us down further and make us think we can never be as good.



  • Kindly Accept Compliments


Scientists agree that people with a lower sense of personal value have a difficult time accepting compliments from other people. Although you might think that you are not worthy of the compliment or that it’s nothing but a cheap flatter, try and react kindly. At first, a simple “Thank you” will be enough, and in time you will stop making yourself appear kind. You will learn to accept compliments for what they truly are – a confirmation of your true value. Of course, you don’t want to take it too far and become a narcissistic friend who needs constant affirmation. The purpose of this advice is to help you accept and realize all the worth other people see in you.



  • Conclusion


No matter how many times we fail it only means that we are one step closer to success. Work on those things you think are your weaknesses, and build up your strengths. We hope that this article will help you on your journey to becoming an even better version of yourself and to build your self confidence.




About the author:

Eva Wislow is a career coach and HR expert from Pittsburgh. She is focusing on helping people break down their limits, find a dream job and achieve career success. Eva maintains a strong interest in bringing the digital revolution into human resources. She finds her inspiration in writing and peace of mind through yoga. Follow Eva on Twitter.




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