The Ideal Prince Charming Every Girl Should Have

The Ideal Prince Charming Every Girl Should Have

Show me a prince charming and I will show you a man with manners, courtesy and discipline. The new trend of “prince charming” being the richest man in the hood is quite surprising to the ears. Money will not always cover up for indiscipline, arrogance and a lackadaisical attitude towards the need of others.

Remember when we were children and we watched those Cinderella movies hoping it came true. What we forgot to notice was the fact that, prince charming was looking for beauty and humility in his queen. This is exactly why he choose the step sister despite her pompous and beautiful sisters.

If your mind is following my words as you read them and you have these little flashbacks to when you watched the cartoon, you will realize the prince was a man of manners. He was gentle, kind and wasn’t forceful. Despite the fact that girls threw themselves at him, he wasn’t violent or proud.

That is the origin of our prince charming fairy tale. So what changed the mentality of the ladies to something totally different?

The royal wedding that held recently made me wonder a little whether it is character that makes a prince or wealth. I remember a very funny tweet I read where the man was of the opinion that, ladies should avoid excessive makeup like our beautiful bride, Meghan.

He was replied sarcastically by a lady that men should also be rich and if maybe, belong to a royal family.The tweet made me wonder again, what actually makes a prince. Is it character or money?

Most of us are not aware that the manners of a royal person means a lot than his position in the society. I was quiet shocked that certain important persons weren’t invited to the royal wedding.

With my recent discovery on YouTube, the royals have more etiquettes than others. I wonder if a person can be “more proper”. These etiquettes range from humility, kindness, composure to various aspect of their lives.

I currently don’t know how much the royals own and that is really not a pressing issue. What amazes me is how such highly people live modestly and not flamboyantly.

Let us come to our very own country Nigeria, where the poor and middle class live more excessively than the rich. The rich themselves lead pretentious lives. A peculiar characteristic of their children is arrogance and a complete lack of manners.

Living in a funny society, we have taken it as a norm and the little we gain from them, has made them untouchable. Now an average lady prays to have her own prince charming one day. The first thing she states is riches and how she will live such a flamboyant life that she will become the envy of every member of the society.

This made me realize our definition of prince charming is different from that of the English; we think of riches and they think of character. Though for some of us feel character is what makes a prince charming.

Take time to think about who your prince charming is, the Nigerian prince or the English prince?

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