Diary Of A Lasgidi Boy – Episode One

Diary Of A Lasgidi Boy – Episode One

I am a very different person. I am quiet because I hardly talk about the things that are in my mind. My friend advised me to start writing and I liked the idea. I will be starting the diary of a Lasgidi boy so you can know everything I have up in my head!

Here it goes….

Today, I couldn’t believe my eyes, ears and brain when a Nigerian girl walked up to me and ‘toasted’ me. Like I am for real! I was shocked! Such boldness!

It all began like film trick. To be very honest, I have only ever seen this happen in movies. I sat at a table alone, trying out a new ice cream combination at Cold stone. Because I was alone, I started playing with my phone when I heard a young voice saying, “May I join you?”

I looked up, saw one fine looking, chocolate skinned Ajebo chic and replied;

“Yes. Feel free!”

I returned my attention to my phone as she sat down. As a typical Nigerian broke boy, I didn’t want to indulge in any conversation. I only had money for one!

Suddenly, I heard voice say, “Hi, my name is Funke, and you are?”

I looked around in a confused manner only to discover that she was referring to me. My facial expression was like Frank Donga’s as I replied, touching my chest “Hizzit me? I am idaho-ho-sa”

It shocked me at how fast I had become a stammerer.

“Nice to meet you Idahosa.” She said

“Nice to meet you too” I replied

I checked around, to make sure there were no hidden cameras and I was not on any prank or reality TV show. On seeing none, I figured out this was real and became more relaxed

“I’m sorry, my sister is waiting for me” she pointed to a lady at the corner of the restaurant. “I have never done this before. Can I have your number, so we could talk later?”

Immediately she asked the question, a sort of spiritual tap opened in my body and showers of sweat started raining down my forehead and suddenly, I became tense.

My razz side wanted to reply, eh? “I beg your pardon?” I said with a soft sweet voice.

She repeated herself but this time, she was staring at the ground.

To cut the long story short, she left and I found out she paid for me an extra cup of the ice cream I was taking.

Nigerian girls please start ‘toasting’ us, so we can grow the naira. Chai! It is sweet to be toasted o…lol


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