7 Drop-dead Gorgeous Dresses That Women Absolutely Love!

7 Drop-dead Gorgeous Dresses That Women Absolutely Love!

The global retail sector for apparel & clothing has been growing steadily, with an average 5.46% increase in demand every year. This means we are shopping like anything. But even after all this shopping and our overflowing wardrobes, we always seem to run out of clothes for the right occasion. At times, it can be really frustrating to sort through the pile of clothes just to realize we don’t have the right fit for the cocktail party.

We did our homework and came up with a list of 7 drop dead gorgeous dresses that women absolutely love. Not just because these are drop-dead gorgeous, but also because it makes it easier for us to venture into any occasion with this collection in the closet.

Let’s find out more. I’m sure we are heading out for shopping this weekend, after reading this.


  1. Bohemian Chic Dresses –

The Boho frenzy that emerged around the 1960s has proved to be a favorite among women. Because of the flowy, easy and airy garment, Boho dresses have always allured women. These add a punch of breezy comfort and mystique style.


What to choose from?

From short length kaftans to long maxi dresses or cascading evening gowns, you have a multitude of options here. Paisley, embroidered, floral, geometric are some example prints.

What to style it with?

If you go for a mini boho dress or a Kaftan, you should opt for a heavy oxidized silver or ivory necklace, maybe some Kalapi or Goose feather earrings.


  1. Sequin Party Dresses 

This is not your typical fit-and-flare or skater dress that people might overlook. So caution: wear this only on days you can handle all the attention and compliments! There’s a fine line between a decadent look and a tacky one. And it all depends on how you style it up.


What to choose from?

From backless sequin gowns to mini dresses in sparkly colors, from high neck to bodycon dresses to grungy slip numbers to one shoulder dresses and sparkly shift dresses. The market is studded with a plethora of sequin options.

What to style it with?

If you are not in the mood to experiment, just go for basic black pumps say, under-accessorize here, and sport an elegant Meghan Markle hairdo.

Another tip – go for airbrush make-up if the occasion is very special.


  1. Corset Dresses –

Feeling a little less confident about your body but still willing to make an effort to catch compliments? Corset dresses help you do just that. Even though people have had mixed opinions about the comfort of corsets through the generations, it definitely arouses the wow factor in every woman.


What to choose from?

From no-frills corsets to denim leather and PVC, to premium hobble corsets. Keep in mind that you chose the right size. Failing to do so can make the evening terrible.

What to style it with?

Avoid low-rise skirts that result in conflicting lines with a corset. Go for stretchy tube skirts instead. When pairing it up with a corset dress, make sure you don’t pull your shirt too far down.


  1. Sheath Dresses –

These are my absolute favorite ones because of the versatility and confidence they exude. Sheath dresses aim to make your waist look small and gives an hourglass shape. They are the right mix of conservative and fashionista. Good choice for no-break-only-work days.

What to choose from?

The basic look of most sheath dresses is similar but it is surprising what you can do to style it up. From mid-thigh to mid-calf, the length of the dress varies.

What to style it with?

Go for basic nudes or black pumps or wedges and maybe team it up with a blazer. For an elite look, wear a nice high collared necklace or a choker and you are ready to go. Layering works well here.


  1. Off Shoulder Dresses –

If you are not living in a cave, you definitely know what an uproar the off shoulder apparel has recently created. Go on, try your hand at these dresses as well. The little bit of skin exposure that comes with an off shoulder dress is what makes it so feminine and sexy. 

What to choose from?

For the petite ladies, avoid dresses that offer too much fabric and go for the ones that help accentuate your body shape. While the curvy ladies should go for floaty and layered fabric which helps streamline your shape and drives away focus from problem areas.

What to style it with?

It is important to have the right inner garment for this kind of dress. You need to explore and arrive at your personal favorite bra that gives you enough confidence for your off-shoulder dress.

Another thing that is to be kept in mind while flaunting an off shoulder is to take care of skin and armpits. Ensure you are clean on the skin from neck to shoulders. The armpits should be cleaned too.


  1. Cami Dresses –

So for all you beautiful women out there, this is one dress you cannot say no to. Just a look at it, and you already feel relaxed and into your woke-mode. From a simple carefree look to a more elegant and sensual look, the deep V neck or the spaghetti strapped dress gives you that chilled yet feminine look.

What to choose from?

Lace camis, mesh overlays, jersey bodycon camis and the basic nightie-look cami, the cami dress is pretty much out there in all those comfortable and sexy feels. From velvet camis to high split ones, you can always experiment with the bold ones here and never go wrong.

What to style it with?

Catch hold of a nice braided choker for your neck for a bold look. Wear it with a turtleneck sweater/off-shoulder shrug/sheer blouse. Whatever you choose, remember to go for minimal accessorizing as that is what helps seal the sweet look.


  1. Denim Dresses –

Every woman has had this whim of owning at least one jean dress because of how smart and comfortable they are. This is just a timeless classic and no-one needs to explain why it is so popular


What to choose from?

Fit and flared jean dresses, buttoned-down minis, midi denim dress, boho denim kaftan style dress, shirt dress, dungarees.

What to style it with?

With your classic shirt dress, wear heels and bare legs or maybe even tight leggings. For buttoned dresses, go for peppy flats and maybe a tote bag. The pinafore denim dress gives a retro feels and has to be paired with a T-shirt below it. Keep it as simple and natural as possible and you will be slaying hearts in no time!



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