A Letter To My Daughter

A Letter To My Daughter

I don’t know why I sometimes write a letter to people. I learnt at some point in my life that if I can best express myself in letters and so the first time I tried it, I wrote to a younger version of me (click here). This post is a letter to my daughter!

Dear Daughter,

I was going to call you Lolo. Got the from the name ‘Chilotam’. I do not know the meaning but I like the name. I’m not yet sure what name I will give you but I’m a 100% certain you’re beautiful.

Right now, I’m 25 and about to relocate to America. I got a job and I’m very excited to start. If everything works out God willing, then I met your dad 2 weeks ago.

I always talked about how “prim and proper” you’d grow up to be and how I want you to have me as your friend, mentor and role model. I will tell you everything so you don’t make the same mistakes I made while growing up.

Your grandma is a wonderful woman. It was difficult growing up with her because she is a disciplinarian. Looking back, her rules & anticipated punishment (for breaking rules) back then has shaped me into the woman I’ve become. I shouldn’t have been stubborn. Life would have been a lot easier.

Life is going to hand you all kinds of stuff (the good, the bad and the ugly), so you’d have to Learn & grow. A few months back, God revealed to me that I’m a worrier and it doesn’t show I trust/have faith in Him. I never cast all of my burdens on Jesus. I try to still do things with my own strength and that I get religious sometimes. I’m still maturing spiritually & He has been faithful by bringing the right people into my life this year. They have helped to build me internally (Character Wise).

Your grandad is my friend, role model and mentor. He made me realize that the most important relationship, is my relationship with God. I read my bible because I want to learn about God and dwell in His secret place not to “fulfill all righteousness”. Having a relationship with God is everything. This is what I want for you. I want you to keep the Holy Spirit as your best friend.

Boys will ALWAYS chase after you. Don’t listen to their sweet talk. Just  have them as friends. I mean, you’re wonderfully & beautifully made but there’s time for everything. Rely on the Holy Spirit because God’s preparing the heart of the right man for you so be patient He will reveal him to you when the time is right. God is never late!!!

Finally, when you’re in school be serious with school work because it is very important. When you make it, you’ll make me proud & you’ll be proud of yourself too.

I’m going to stop here for now. I Love you baby.

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