Ify’s Musings – Draped in Art

Ify’s Musings – Draped in Art

Hi Kamdolls!

Fashion generally requires no introduction: from the Georgian era to more dated eras, fashion comprised mostly classical dresses with tasteful and exotic ornamentation intricately designed to thrill and dazzle even the most untrained eye. After many decades of an endlessly evolving fashion scene, it’s simply hard to imagine a life where fashion isn’t pivotal to our society’s cultural background.

So ever stop to wonder why we bother with fashion and its many shades enmeshed in color and composition? Maybe you’ve always mulled over why certain fashion rules never really stay the same or you never quite comprehend what the fuss is all about where fashion and style are concerned…truth is we live in a dynamic fashion world that is constantly adapting to changing fashion trends.


As a fashion enthusiast, I’m fascinated primarily by color, texture and print. I find myself constantly craving idealistic cuts and colors arising from an innate appreciation for art. As an art lover, I’m all about visualizing a world where everything stems from an art-infused culture for visual gratification. This is why you will most often find me in colorful artsy pieces like this over-sized kimono giving off subtle water-color vibes reminiscent of a Monet…oh and before you judge me, my mind is certainly allowed to feel like it’s draped in Impressionist art wearing a print this gorgeous.

Does it automatically follow that fashion can be considered an art form? Personally, I believe so because as with art, fashion teaches the cultural relevance and tastes of times past hence the saying “Fashion never gets old”. While I’m all about exploring this colorful life of art and fashion, it will be silly of me to lay around waiting for awesome things to show up at my doorstep. Suffice it to say that I’m just a not-so-regular girl who craves the finer things of life and is fully committed to working hard for the things I love while doing the things that are considered precious to me.


It’s funny how at the moment I see an art-infused versatile kimono in this print, the next Jane is probably just going to see a random bathrobe while Mr Alfred who lives next door might see a rather risqué kimono. That’s fashion for you – completely subject to selective interpretation as with art, and most times chosen interpretation is usually a major departure from the designer’s intention or the creative direction of the stylist. I’m draped in art!

Some people might argue that the line between fashion and art has become more blurred over time as current fashion designers take to incorporating artistic strokes into crafting creative fashion pieces and some go as far as showcasing collections in artistic spaces infusing more art into carefully crafted works of art. Well, I’m all about embracing both fashion and art and you’ll never hear me apologize for this current affliction…I don’t mind one bit.

Just before I run along, I’d remind you to never forget about the power of choosing the right accessories for every outfit. That’s a major Superpower every girl needs and I’d most definitely rave much about this in my next post but you should know that my favorite accessory remains a sturdy pair of shoes any day!

Until my next post folks…hugs and sugar xx

Outfit Details

Oversized Kimono – TwentySix (@twentysix.co)

Pale Pink Frill Sandals – Public Desire

Earrings – Béatrice Accessories (@shopbeatriceng)




Ify Ejindu is a Human Resources Professional, Fashion Entrepreneur and Style Blogger over at www.ifysmusings.com. She is known for her comfortable style and utter love for bold colors and statement pieces. She is an unashamed foodie and a regular connoisseur of the arts & fashion.

Instagram: @ifysmusings

Twitter: @ifyejindu


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