Health: How To Do A Breast Self Examination For Breast Cancer

Health: How To Do A Breast Self Examination For Breast Cancer

It’s disheartening that more and more women in Nigeria die of breast cancer! It’s even more heartbreaking when women don’t know how to check themselves to detect the symptoms early enough to fight cancer with full force. As we all know that the dreaded disease kills the high and mighty, the have-nots in the society! No one is spared of the pain if affected.

The Non-Governmental Organisations are creating breast cancer awareness to women who don’t have access to information, they organise outreaches to help local women get tested to help detect early symptoms. The best early detection starts with you! It’s best for you to know your body and know how to check your breasts for early detection of lumps, pain in the breast or puss dripping from the nipple.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t know how to get your breast checked. You can go to a standard hospital for assistance or checking yourself through a mammogram. Sources online have been useful to do an easy breast self-check. Look out for symptoms like lumps in the breast, outgrowth on the nipple and irregular shape of the breast.

For more on breast self-check, watch the video carefully.

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