#PluppyGoals! 5 Couple Moments From Dj Cuppy & Bae, Asa Asika!

#PluppyGoals! 5 Couple Moments From Dj Cuppy & Bae, Asa Asika!

The famous Dj Cuppy and Davido’s manager, Asa Asika are in love! They have given us every assurance that their romance is real and worth envying. The two lovebirds give us the cutest couple moments and have a special hashtag “Pluppy” the whole world know them for. The two famous celebrities are not shy to post their lovey-dovey moments for us to catch on through social media.

Everyone loves some pluppy juice! Here are some couple moments from the lovebirds!

#1: Taking goofy selfies:

Nothing beats a happy couple who share goofy selfies on their social media page!

#2: Twinning in style:

A couple who slay together will stay together! That’s the pluppy case. Peep them looking stylish in sneakers!

#3: Asa Asika giving us the assurance that she is the “plug”! What’s yours?

#4: Relationship hashtag:

They are the only couple with a hashtag and it’s becoming quite famous too! Mathematically speaking, Pluppy is a combination of Asa’s business name and Cuppy’s stage name (Plug + Cuppy= Pluppy).

#5: Spending time together on a trip:

The lovebirds take some time out to have some time far away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos to Senegal!

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The couple keeps growing strong! We are definitely excited for more cute couple moments from the two!

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