Kamdora Beauty: How To Care For Your Nails

Kamdora Beauty: How To Care For Your Nails

Some guys think that we ladies are extra. Well, we can’t really blame them. They don’t know how hard it is to be a girl/lady/woman. Now, because they complain doesn’t mean we should not take good care of ourselves. We have written different articles on makeup, hair, skin, face etc but today, I will be showing you how to care for your nails.

I am the kind of person that talks with my hand (gesticulate) a whole lot. It is my duty to take proper care of my hands and nails because I keep showing it off! It won’t be nice to be showing off unkempt nails because it won’t speak well of me.

I want you to realize that as a girl/lady/woman, every part of your body should be neat. Take your time to do your hair, nails, makeup etc because nobody is going to help you show off your beauty. If anybody is telling you that you are extra, don’t worry about it. It is a “feminine” thing!

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