Kamdora Health: 15 Minutes Menstruation Yoga Routine

Kamdora Health: 15 Minutes Menstruation Yoga Routine

Hey Ladies! I am here with a very relatable and helpful post. Menstrual pain is about to be defeated with a “YOGA ROUTINE FOR MENSTRUATION” *crowd claps*

We know how our red car visitor comes every month with menstrual pain and stomach ache from hell fire? Those ‘what is this life” moments where all you want to do is lay on the floor, curl into a ball and cry the miserable feel away?

We all know that doesn’t even end there for some of us yeah?

How the menstrual cycle isn’t complete without unnecessary visits to the bathroom, back aches, Joint pains (elbows, ankles and the rest), throwing up till there’s nothing to throw up, hospital visits that may end with you on drip and the inability to walk.

The most annoying part is when your cycle exceeds it’s stay like those regular talkative visitors who invite themselves to your house, eat a lot and don’t know when it is time for them to “come and be going”, SIGH!

I know you can relate and no! I did not just come to remind you of how uncomfortable one week of your month is, I am here with a Yoga Routine Video because people have discovered that yoga practices balance the hormones, the menstrual cycle and help prevent and relive period pains.

Now i know that we are all different and our body responds to things differently but trust me, this routine is worth trying.

I hope you defeat your Menstruation cramps with this Yoga Routine. FIGHTING!

The 15 Minutes Yoga Routine

Video credit: SarahBethYoga

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