Outfit Ideas For Yellow? Check Out These 7 Looks To Inspire You This Weekend!

Outfit Ideas For Yellow? Check Out These 7 Looks To Inspire You This Weekend!

Yellow can be a tricky colour to style and most times come off as too bold to wear so the best option (for some) is to shy away from it or tone it down. All the same, it’s as beautiful as any other primary colour-red and blue respectively.

In recent times, ladies have embraced this bold colour in many ways. The options are limitless! Go monochrome in yellow or colour block or simply tone down the brightness by pairing darker shades on it.

Since there has been a trend in wearing yellow (as seen on Instagram), we have compiled a list of best-dressed looks to inspire you!

Check it out;

#1: Yellow blazer:

Nothing beats a chic look better than wearing it bold in yellow! Yellow blazers are definitely beautiful, stylish and classy. 

Instagram: @lonicely

#2: Waterfall jacket:

We all need a stylish waterfall jacket to layer up our outfit! A yellow waterfall jacket is attention-grabbing because of the ruffles!

Instagram: @layoleoyatogun


#3: A ruffle skirt:

A skirt is sexy, chic and a timeless piece! It’s definitely a must-have!  

Instagram: @jessiewoo


#4: A maxi dress:

Instagram: @hey_irma

Only stylish people know how to pull off a yellow maxi dress! To get a more stylish look, remember that less accessory is more! Let the maxi dress do all the show-off!


#5: Well-tailored pants:

Instagram: @listylist

The best way to look effortlessly chic right now is having a pair of well-tailored pants. You can pull off the androgynous style by matching a simple cropped top or t-shirt.

#6: Flared pants:

Flared pants are timeless pieces that will trend from time to time! Go a little extra with your top by layering it up with a cold-shoulder top with layered sleeves!

Instagram: @vintagepoint


#7: Yellow accessories:

Instagram: @chiomagoodhair

Who says a yellow accessory wouldn’t complement your look? Your accessories tell a lot about your entire look! Go fearless and shouty by rocking a yellow shoe and purse. You would definitely get all the attention.

If you missed the how to wear yellow post, check it out here!

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