6 Things You Should Do Over The Weekend!

6 Things You Should Do Over The Weekend!

Most of us don’t know what fun is anymore. Work has somehow stolen what we used to call FUN in our different lives. No wonder many “Nigerian people” are angry. We see people doing things they shouldn’t be seen doing, for example, fighting in a public bus all in the name of stress. Stress has a way of making us run mad slowly. Below are 6 things you should do over the weekend

Here Are A Few Things You Should Do Over The Weekend

  1. Rest- I always tell people that, if you die today, work will continue. You are not irreplaceable. I get that some of us will have to work over the weekend but don’t use that as an excuse to deprive yourself of having a good rest or fun . If you won’t be able to rest at home, go out to the beach, park or anywhere you know will give you peace. You can never cheat nature. Remember, HEALTH is WEALTH!
  2. Mind Your Business- Stop trying to play Jesus this weekend. You have had enough trouble from work already. Let the people having conflict settle it on their own. If you were not in Nigeria, who will help them settle their matter?
  3. Love Yourself- Nobody can love you better than yourself. Take time to show yourself love. I realized at some point in my life that I work very hard and spend on other people. It is very wrong. Even the bible says ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ not more than yourself. Don’t get me wrong, if you have extra, give it but if you don’t, don’t blame yourself. God sees your heart!
  4. Dream Bigger- It is good to have dreams. Do not belittle yourself because of your current situation. Things will eventually pass and when it happens, you want to show the whole world what you can do. People don’t care about you. You have to show them what you’ve got and make yourself matter.
  5. Let Go Of The Past- This might have not been the best week for you, but you have to move on. If you keep holding on to the past, you can’t move forward.
  6. Stop Procrastinating- Procrastination is very bad. Whatever you want to do, do it when it should be done. Learn to stop being lazy. It is better to do your work early than do it late.

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