Kamdora Kitchen: 3 Healthy Ways To Eat Mango!

Kamdora Kitchen: 3 Healthy Ways To Eat Mango!

Mangoes are in season! Now is the perfect time to try out different ways to enjoy this fruit because it’s available everywhere and highly affordable. Forget the normal way of slicing before eating, there are other ways to enjoy this fruit the best way possible.

There are endless options for fun ways to eat mango like mango kebob, mango tea etc. For healthy eating, here are three ideas to help you enjoy mangoes this season!

#1: As a smoothie:

This is so easy and 100% healthy way to eat mangoes! You don’t have to be a vegetarian to pull it off. Peel off the body and slice it into the blender, add other fruits like banana, 1 cup of orange juice, ½ cup of yoghurt and blend. Spice it up with almond nuts for best results but if you are not into almond nuts, choose nuts of your choice as a sprinkle.


#2: Frozen treat:

This is just perfect for a hot day! Blend sliced mango, orange juice and pear at a go. Freeze it in an ice tray to get that mango cubes and enjoy! Simple isn’t it?


#3: Mango salad:

You will need a lettuce, strawberry, lime juice, honey, cherry and orange. Slice the fruits neatly, mix it up in a bowl and add your mango to it. Make sure the mango goes in last so it doesn’t have to be messy when you stir. Serve chilled.

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