A Money Making Idea! Learn How To Make The Curly Crotchet Wig For Extra Cash!

A Money Making Idea! Learn How To Make The Curly Crotchet Wig For Extra Cash!

For every millennial looking to make extra cash, the hair industry is your best bet to invest in. We can see the successes of various hair businesses move from nothing to high demand for hair of all types- Peruvian hair, Brazillian hair, Natural wigs, crotchet hair, crotchet braids etc. Even those in the hair business know the benefits of having a hair business!

There are different hair businesses you can get your hands on but it’s best to move with the trend. Right now, ladies are head over heels for wigs! Any type of wig would do provided it’s natural, soft, bouncy and original, you would always have your fan-base regardless!

The crotchet hair is definitely worth investing in because of its unique features. Since there is a growing percentage of women who want to wear natural hair extension, there is room to sell out. Women want their extensions natural as possible, real and comfortable to fit their daily busy schedule which makes crotchet wigs perfect for a money making business.

If you are excited to join the money making gang in the hair business, check out this curly crotchet wig making tutorial to add some coin in your bank account.

What you will need:

  1. Wig Cap
  2. Jamaican bounce hair (4pcs)
  3. Curved needle and thread

Video: Just Brittany H

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