7 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Cucumber

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Cucumber

We all know that cucumber is boring. I learnt how to eat cucumber with a glass of water, so whenever I take a bite, I’ll take a gulp of water. Over the years, people have been chanting that cucumber is very healthy. Here are 7 reasons why you should start eating cucumber.

  1. Cucumber Is Rich In Nutrients- If you count your calories before eating anything, cucumber is good for you. It is rich with Protein, Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Potassium and Manganese. Cucumber should be eaten with the back (do not peel it). Peeling it reduces the nutrient.
  2. Cucumber Rehydrates The Body- Water is very important to the body. Cucumber provides the body with water. It also makes the skin look very healthy and it gives the body a unique glow.
  3. Cucumber Removes Toxins Form The Body- Regular intake of cucumber dissolves kidney stones. 90% of cucumber is water and we all know that water removes toxins from the body.
  4. It Fights Cancer- As we all know, cancer is a deadly disease. Eating cucumber regularly reduces the risk of having cancer (prostate cancer, breast cancer, Ovarian cancer etc)
  5. It Cures Hangover- For those people who love to drink, here is a remedy to hangover. Eating cucumber before going to bed will calm your nerves.
  6. It Refreshes The Mouth- cucumber can heal and refresh diseased gums. All you have to do is press a slice of cucumber to the palette of your mouth for some minutes and you are good to go. So if you are having issues with bad breath you can do this everyday and say goodbye to bad breath forever.
  7. It Helps With Digestion- People who want to lose weight should eat cucumber because it is rich in fibre which is great for digestion. It also cures chronic constipation.



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