Weekend Staples: 4 Stylish Outfits To Kick Start Your Weekend!

Weekend Staples: 4 Stylish Outfits To Kick Start Your Weekend!

Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you have to ‘go below standards’ when going out. It’s the weekend and it’s that time of the week you attend functions like weddings, formal brunch, seminars etc.

For every function, there is an outfit that clearly matches where you intend going! It’s also that time of the week where you can try out new ensembles, give your casual style a twist. When you plan to go for a more formal event, it’s that time of the week to step it up higher and look extra with your entire look. Accessories play a huge role to make your look extra chic.

For casual style:

Step up your casual outfit with cool and trendy details. Look out for ruffles, puffy sleeves and fringe when selecting your outfit.

Formal style:

Look out for floral pieces! Floral prints are a must-have item for stylish fashion-forward women. Note that the bigger the floral prints, the better it looks on you!

Wedding guest style:

Play with soft hues with delicate details! As a wedding guest, your outfit says a lot about you.Pay attention to the details, go for sexy but sophisticated look and pair with the right accessory.

Brunch style:

Brunch outfits doesn’t have to be too serious! Look the part but stay cool and classy with the perfect accessory. It’s brunch but do it with style!


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