[Watch]: Ronke Raji’s Inspirational Makeover Of An Albino Model!

[Watch]: Ronke Raji’s Inspirational Makeover Of An Albino Model!

Our fave beauty vlogger, Ronke Raji’s inspirational makeover of an albino model is everything about teaching self-love and confidence. Her new video was inspired by her albino friend Brianna Thomas who is also an albino model. We can’t deny the fact that being an albino comes with what the society think about them, how they are ridiculed because of their skin colour etc.

In a bid to educate people about Albinism, teaching self-love and confidence, Ronke uses her friend as a muse to communicate the beauty of embracing one’s self, skin colour and acceptance. For the products, she used a combination of Fenty beauty product, Anastasia Beverly Hills product, Huda beauty product and Laura Mercier product.

Check out the video:

Video credit: Ronke Raji

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