How To Kiss Romantically For The First Time

How To Kiss Romantically For The First Time

Before I entered into a relationship, I did a research on kissing a guy for the first time. I remember asking my friends ‘who will initiate the kiss?’ ‘how exactly do you kiss?’ ‘where can you kiss?’ ‘what kind of kiss excites a guy?’ etc. Today we will be learning how to kiss romantically for the first time.

Many people believe that, the guy initiates the kiss. My question is what if the guy is slow and the perfect timing slowly creeps in? What will you do? waste it?

Kissing is one of the best things you can ever do in this life. It gives you an in-depth joy you cannot explain with mere words. You being a good kisser is a great advantage for you. We remember that because we have started having sex should not mean we should forget our kissing skill.

There are two videos in this post. The first video shows people kissing for the first time. Notice their comments and their reactions and know what to avoid. The second video gives a detailed process on how to kiss romantically.

video credit: Tatia Pllieva, OneHowto

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