How To Get Your Weight Loss On Track

How To Get Your Weight Loss On Track

Getting your weight loss on track can sometimes look like a mirage before you start your weight loss journey. It always appears easy then it graduates to being extremely difficult. Today I will be telling you how to get your weight loss journey on track!

Women trying to lose weight refer to the process as ‘weight loss journey’ because they have made up their minds to change their body. There is usually no stipulated time and it comes with obstacles you must overcome.

Along the line, you will be tired and feel the need to give up. The only thing that will keep you going is your motivation. You have to picture where you are and where you want to be.

8 Ways To Stay On Track

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself- I remember when I started my weight loss journey. I got myself a coach and then the first thing he said to me was ‘don’t be too hard on yourself’ after explaining my ordeal to him.
  • Recognize your weaknesses- You have to make out time to find out what your weaknesses are. It can either be food (solid or liquid), too much sleep, Laziness or being stingy! Once you find out what your weakness is, try to conquer it.
  • Remind yourself of “the goal”- This is a form of self motivation. If you do not motivate yourself, nobody will. Picture yourself achieving your set goal. Post pictures and reminders on the fridge, in your bedroom or the bathroom. Make sure it is a strategic place
  • Get support- This is very effective during your weight loss journey. in a funny way, your friends will help you all through your journey. You can also get a fitness trainer to also help you.
  • Learn to say no- There are times people will consciously ask you to join them to eat but you should learn how to say ‘no, I just ate!’ You should try not to over indulge yourself.
  • Don’t give up- Like I said earlier, there is a point you will reach and you will feel the need to give up, don’t give up. You are one step closer to achieving your goal.
  • Take a day off- My coach told me to always take a day off. It can be any day but make sure you use that ‘off’ day to satisfy your cravings!
  • Drink plenty water- You need to stay hydrated. Please do not over drink water because it has its own repercussions.

What do you do that helps you stay on track?

Boluwatife Ayinde
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