8 Looks To Prove Lisa Folawiyo Wears Her Own Label With Style!

8 Looks To Prove Lisa Folawiyo Wears Her Own Label With Style!

Lisa Folawiyo’s unique luxury textiles and her style play a huge role in who she is as a global brand. Talking about a global brand, she runs the renowned Jewel by Lisa; a power fashion house known for its iconic textures, unique modern statement pieces and worn by women of class. The Jewel by Lisa group houses three other lines – The J-Label ( the diffusion collection), The Jewel by Lisa Line and Pretty Precious (the Kids collection).

From the other arms; the Jewel by Lisa line and the J Label lines, she wears each piece with so much sophistication. She feeds us daily with a dose of her laid-back polished look on her Instagram! Her stylish pieces and sophisticated modern chic style is worth paying attention to. She has carved a niché for herself, made us fall in love with her style and wears her pieces so fiercely!

We are definitely having a moment from her cool combination of prints and denim. Also, her prints make a good case for super cool corporate and casual style with a statement accessory. Lisa will surely conquer more hearts through her unique style, luxury pieces and striking presentations on the runway.


Image credit: Lisa Folawiyo/Instagram

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