Dieting For The Average Nigerian Girl!!!

Dieting For The Average Nigerian Girl!!!

Dieting In Nigeria

I know how hard it is to go on a diet in Nigeria. I mean, look at me, I am not fat but then I have fat in wrong places you can imagine (please don’t, your imagination is very important. Don’t kill it just yet). If they ever tell me to rate dieting for the average Nigerian girl on a scale of 1-10, I’ll say 1.

Dieting for the average Nigerian girl is almost impossible. Let me explain it better. We Nigerians love parties. It is either we are attending a wedding, throwing a birthday party, having a bridal shower, organizing a baby shower or just in the mood to party. Now what are all these parties without the ‘unhealthy foods?’

I cannot imagine myself attending a party and not eating ‘PARTY’ Jollof rice that is well garnished with golden brown plantain, peppered chicken with the bottom pot burnt rice smell. Yum!. It is basic yeah? but then it is actually the life of the party for me! Oh yeah, please don’t forget the small chops. (What is a party without these two things? Yep, a village meeting *straight face *)

It takes determination and self control to be able to look the other way or request for salad during a party. The first thing anybody will say is “oshey, fitfam” thereby causing unnecessary attention. Even the salad will be garnished with fish, eggs and a dollop of salad cream which is creamy and delicious and bursting with calories (I can almost taste it *sigh *). When I began my weight loss journey, I basically made sure I ate before leaving the house for events.

I noticed the one of the major reasons why an average Nigerian person give up on dieting is because it is very difficult to get some of the ingredients needed in many weight loss recipes.

How To Diet In Nigeria

Here is a link that contains everything and anything you need when it comes to dieting in Nigeria . Please let me know which of the plans you will be going for.

Boluwatife Ayinde
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