Beauty: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Add Witch hazel Cleanser To Your Beauty Regimen!

Beauty: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Add Witch hazel Cleanser To Your Beauty Regimen!

Witch hazel seems to be the latest superstar skin treatment of the moment! Everyone who has used it has something positive to say about it! It works! There’s a lot of amazing things the Witch hazel can do to your skin and we can’t wait to share!

From various threads shared by people who have used this treatment, we found the common factor in all its functions! Many have pointed out how it’s great to fight stubborn acne with a few drops and lots of magical things about it!

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Why you need the witch hazel:

1: Clearing stubborn acne: Say goodbye to acne that reinforces after days of torment because this product is there to fight it out of your skin! It’s the total archenemy of stubborn acne.It reduces the look of pores, stops excess oil production, and it helps to stop the development of whiteheads and blackheads that contribute to those frustrating breakouts.

2: It reduces eye bags: 

For those of us that are not proud of our “eye-bags”, you finally have an answer you have been waiting for! Although using cucumbers is good but it has a slow effect. The witch hazel works well for eye bags if you are consistent and patient.

3: For eczemas: 

No lady can condone the shame eczema brings to your skin! Some eczemas can be so stubborn to leave your skin because of the type! Using the witch hazel definitely scraps that skin bacteria off!

4: For dry skin:

The best way to use this product is after taking your bath! Lock in the moisture from the hazel and watch your skin become fresh like a baby! Locked in moisture prevents the skin from drying up!

5: For smelly feet:

No matter well some ladies wash their feet, it gets to smell when they wear a covered shoe! It’s not really your fault but you can take care of yourself and save yourself from some embarrassing moments. Add a measured amount of the witch hazel in a bowl of water and add few drops of tea tree oil and soak in for 15 minutes y for best results. You can also add the lavender oil for fragrance!

There’s a whole lot more benefit from the witch hazel but these reasons are tested and trusted!

Have you used the Witch Hazel? What reason dod you buy it for?

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