Accessories: The Rattan/Woven Bag Every IT-Girl Should Have!

Accessories: The Rattan/Woven Bag Every IT-Girl Should Have!

It’s quite surprising how the rattan or woven bag is trending! Is it that the cool girls no longer want the Versaces or Chanels but something as “common” as a woven bag? Well, for now! Woven bags have taken over! It’s the coolest accessory you can have if you want to join the cool-girl club.

Recall that one of the biggest accessory trend last year was the Cult Gaia bag which was a summer fave. The rattan or handwoven bag is what we are currently loving! We love how fashion bloggers on Instagram have brought this bag to our attention! Round, square, fruit-shaped or over-sized find this bag somewhere on your explore page.

For those of us in Nigeria, we are privileged to have the Lekki Arts and Craft market which will wow you with assorted raffia-handwoven bags. The oversized, the mini bag and the huge basket bags are freshly made by the craftsmen.

See how fashion-forward ladies rocked this bag!

Summer is fast approaching but we can’t wait to rock this trend even before summer comes! The rattan/woven bags are definitely cute for any kind of event just focus on the size!

Would you rock this bag?

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