Chit-Chat With Tife- Foods That Increases Sexual Performance!

Chit-Chat With Tife- Foods That Increases Sexual Performance!

One thing I have learnt from life is that there are some things that we don’t want to last for a long time for example an appointment with the doctor, pain, heartbreaks, a girl’s period, being broke and a visit with the in-laws. One thing that never enters the list is SEX. There is this usually this different flame/drive you get when you get on the bed and you just wish you can stay there forever! You see people go an extra mile looking for things that will increase their sexual performance while you struggle with yours.

If your reproductive system is working at a very high capacity then you are good to go. I am sure you have seen several articles on sex drive and relationships, it is because we fail to understand that a good sex life and a good sex drive is connected with your fitness level.

Food has a role to play in our body asides giving us vitamins and the basic nutrients we need everytime. It can be used to increase one’s sexual drive and performance. So if you know that you are having issues with your sexual drive and performance, here are some simple foods that will boost your sexual live and endurance!


Watermelon is a rich source of L-citrulline and amino acid that helps with erection. It allows blood to flow into the penis and viagra thereby increasing sex drive.


Hot pepper has a way of increasing your metabolism and stimulating endorphins which speeds up your heart rate, increases arousal and allows you to sweat. The hotter they are, the better it is for you. so whenever your mind is yelling and screaming no and your body is fighting and saying yes, add some pepper into your meal and enjoy the weather for two!


Ginger allows blood flow to the right places and improves the artery’s health. sweet and spicy does the trick. what are you waiting for? Add some spice into your food.


Banana is a tropical fruit that is rich with simple carbs. These carbs provides energy and potassium that you need for your different activities. It prevents cramps and muscle pull that may affect your sex drive.


Garlic can be used to boost one’s stamina. It stops the formation of fatty deposits inside the arterial walls. so basically it includes the arteries leading to your penis thereby giving you a strong erection. It also keeps the heart healthy.


Some of us don’t know the usefulness of this vegetable, we just eat it. Spinach helps fuel erections with its high arginine content. It converts amino acids to nitric oxide which initiates and maintains erections.


It is rich in vitamin B that keeps your nerves and brain cells healthy. Asides that, it is a good source of monosaturated fat which allows blood flow to the entire body.



Boluwatife Ayinde
Boluwatife is an Editorial Assistant at Kamdora. Ever since she discovered her passion for writing at a young age, she has developed her skill by writing for renowned websites. She recently developed a passion for fashion and has since been using her talent wisely! Tife blogs about her personal style and offers guides to making life better for the average Nigerian girl!

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