#BBNaija2018: Fans React To Cee-C’s Verbal Abuse On Tobi!

#BBNaija2018: Fans React To Cee-C’s Verbal Abuse On Tobi!

What is going on in the Big Brother Naija house? The whole Cee-C going on an “anger-spree” on Tobi has got the attention of viewers and they have expressed their thoughts through Twitter. CEe-C’s fans previously defending her for being a “strong woman” have been silent about the ongoing rage in the house.

The problem:

Last Sunday night, the week of the final eviction gave Cee-c a chance to complete the game. It is obvious that she doesn’t approve of Tobi and Alex’s new found “friendship”

Responding to Ebuka’s question was a confirmation of the bottled up emotions she feels towards the union.Β She expressed her thoughts about Alex “forcing herself” on the men in the house- Tobi, Leo and even Teddy! That was brewing the beginning of the Cee-C rage. Alex and Cee-C tried to settle things but never really settled properly.

As one thing leads to another as Cee-C gets into another quarrel with Tobi after he revealed he doesn’t love her anymore. Tobi, on the other hand, “handled the situation” asBig Brother pointed out .

The viewers of BBNaija have already gone crazy on Twitter reacting to the heavy insults rained on Tobi.

Check them out;

Celebrities’ reaction:

The tweets are endless! Big Brother has called the housemates to order and played a clip of Cee-C’s whole rage before them. He has also issued a strike to her and a warning! Follow #bbnaija on Twitter for more tweets and follow up on the issue.


Some viewers are standing for Cee-C’s behaviour and in fact termed it as “strong” while some people have totally frowned at the nasty behaviour. Looking at things generally, domestic violence doesn’t end at men beating women and women verbally and emotionally torturing men.

What’s your take on the rage issue and do you think women who verbally insult are “strong women?”

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