Chit-Chat With Tife- Transformation Tuesday!!!

Chit-Chat With Tife- Transformation Tuesday!!!

Yaaaaaaaay!!!! It is transformation Tuesday!!!!

I know how we ladies love to look GORGEOUS and slay our events (as a yoruba girl that I am, I’ld say OWAMBE). When we see some ladies at these events looking so glam and AMAZE-BALLS, we could feel like a duckling (you know the one, yeah?) but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A video like this one that is simple and straight to the point will help you look as glam as those babes you see at events. But ensure its not over-the-top. Keep it minimalistic. Make it natural.

So you see, you don’t always have to break your purse (or the bank lol) to be a GLAM Queen. Enjoy and go slay!

video credit: Khloe Dosh

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