Tales Of a Baby Shower – How Our Friend’s Baby Shower Group Almost Ruined Our Friendship

Tales Of a Baby Shower – How Our Friend’s Baby Shower Group Almost Ruined Our Friendship

“No, I think teal green should be the color of the day.” I stared at my phone’s screen as yet another color suggestion popped up from the group chat.

For the umpteenth time, I wondered why I had ever volunteered to organize a baby shower for Ngozi. It’s not that Ngozi was a bad person, I just didn’t expect that planning a baby shower would be so exhausting. I imagined how life would be if I could just delete the group now. Oh, the peace that would follow and maybe I could salvage what was left of my friendship with the ladies.

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So far, Gift had called Tessy close minded, Ore was not on talking terms with Boma because she refused to take sides with her over the color and then Chizu had referred to me as overbearing. Me, overbearing? She’ll be getting married soon. I’ll see who she’ll ask to help her with planning.

My phone vibrated, jolting me back to reality and notifying me of another chat. Sandra had sent “teal green is too common jor. Let’s do blush. You know Ngozi is stylish. We only want suggestions that will go in that direction.” The replies that followed were not exactly civil. I was glad that no one had called me out on the chats. I ran through a mental list of things of to-dos in preparation for the baby shower. Besides the Whatsapp group squabbles, I seemed to be making progress.

Baby ShowerEverything was going fine until I remembered… the gifts! How could I have forgotten about the gifts?! Although, I really didn’t know what we could get for Ngozi. What if she already had everything she needed?

There was only one thing left to do. I didn’t like the idea but that was the only way. I picked up my phone and asked the members of the group chat; “guys, what gifts can we get Ngozi?” The suggestions I got were not helping until Salewa replied with, “why doesn’t she just create a baby registry?” A smile slowly spread across my face. Who knew good things could come out of Whatsapp groups.

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Angela asked what a baby registry was and before any “knowledgeable” person could reply, I quickly typed one. “A baby registry is a service usually provided by a retail store that helps expectant moms and dads tell family and friends what they want for their baby. The expectant parents create a list of desired items for the arrival of their little one and family and friends can in turn purchase the items listed.”

I mentally patted myself on the back for giving what in my opinion was considered a comprehensive definition. The new task was to find out what store offered baby registry services. I opened my phone’s browser to search for baby registry services in Lagos. The search results showed BabyBliss.com.ng

I liked what I saw on their website. Quality items and at good prices too. Ngozi deserved all the good things we could offer. I checked my phone and saw that she had 154 notifications from the Whatsapp group. I smiled as she thought of how my friends would be directing text missiles at each other while dialling Ngozi’s phone. “Hello babe, I’ve got a great idea…”



As an expectant mom, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong gifts from your loved ones. Simply log on to www.babybliss.com.ng/bb-registry/ and create a baby registry. Add the items you want to your list and share the link to your baby registry with your family and friends. It’s super easy!



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