Yass!! Sharon Ojong Launches Her Clothing Line!

Yass!! Sharon Ojong Launches Her Clothing Line!

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Shout out to all the females stepping up their game in the fashion industry! Sharon Ojong started out her career in the fashion industry as a model. She had to step up to becoming a fashion blogger and grew immensely in the game.

She extended her tentacles in the fashion career as she became an Image Consultant alongside. Now, it’s time to even make more improvement on her brand as she birthed Rekana.Co her clothing brand.

Our expectation of her brand is nothing short of edginess, boldness for the modern woman. True to what we expected, her clothing line reflected her style, personality and confidence.

From the pictures trending all over social media, we could applaud her attention to details, textures and of course trends! She launched her brand at the Ayo Van Elmar Fashion Cafe where guests were treated to fine wine and light food. Of course, there wouldn’t be something to celebrate if they didn’t patronise her brand.

See photos:

sharon ojong-rekana
Sharon Ojong Wearing her pieces!



Uche Odoh
Cole Peter and Cole Lara Cole


Image credit: Rekana/Instagram

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