Chit-Chat With Tife: How To Keep A Healthy & Happy Vagina!

Chit-Chat With Tife: How To Keep A Healthy & Happy Vagina!

We ladies always think that we know and understand our body parts very well but when it comes to dealing with the vagina, we are totally clueless. We often get disturbed and uncomfortable with vagina discharge and vaginal infections. I am sure you have read tons of articles and heard different methods to keeping your vagina clean.

Vaginal hygiene has a higher percentage to making a difference in our reproductive health. It can reduce the risk of sustaining infections and it can also speed up recovery and prevent the uncomfortable discharge and irritation. Allow me to enlighten you on how you can keep a healthy and happy vagina!

Wear Cotton Underwear.

When I was growing up, I noticed my mum usually get us cotton underwear and at some point I had to ask her why cotton? She made me realize that cotton underwear comes with a thin strip of cotton fabric in the crotch which usually absorbs moisture from the vagina. At some point in my life, I also realized that you don’t have to wear panties when you are at home. The vagina needs to breathe so give it a break whenever you are at home!

Avoid Using Scented Body Wash/Soap or Feminine Wash.

We ladies have a thing for good smell. It is not bad to buy yourself a scented body wash/soap or feminine wash but it is bad to use them to wash down there. These things have chemicals that dry up the sensitive skin around your vulva. The ideal way to washing down there is to rinse with warm water. I know some people might not feel right and comfortable with only water, but you make sure you buy a mild, gentle and unscented soap/body wash for your feminine part. Once you start perceiving something different from your normal smell, kindly visit a doctor.

Avoid Wearing The Same Panty Liner All Day.

Panty liners are not supposed to be used for a long period of time. You have to know that panty liners prevent the skin from breathing and sometimes they cause irritations and increase the risk of infection. This same applies to sanitary pads and tampons. Endeavor to change your panty liners, pads and tampons every 5-6 hours and before going to bed.

Don’t Rub Your Vagina.

Most of us make this mistake of rubbing down there with our towel after taking our bathe. Avoid rubbing your feminine area with your towel. It is better to PAT that sensitive area with a CLEAN and SOFT towel.

Use A Moisturizer After Shaving.

It is your choice to shave or wax your pubic hair but make sure that whenever you finish shaving, you apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin to prevent you from having irritation.

Avoid Wiping Yourself From Back To Front After Using The Loo!

One of the easiest methods to transfer bacteria from the anus to the vagina is wiping from back to front. This is very important. Do not use scented and colored toilet papers in order to avoid irritation.

Be Mindful Of The Order Of Sex Acts

When you are having sexual intercourse, avoid going from anal to vaginal without changing the condom or cleaning up properly. If you fail to change the condom or clean up properly, you are exposing your vagina to bacteria thereby causing infection.

Use Antibiotics With Caution

As good as antibiotics are, they are a threat to your vagina because they kill some of the bacteria that keeps the vagina clean and healthy. If you are taking antibiotics make sure you stick to the prescription.





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