We Recommend A Tara Matte Foundation + You Can Find It On Kamdora Store!

We Recommend A Tara Matte Foundation + You Can Find It On Kamdora Store!

When it comes to makeup, foundations are items we don’t want to leave out of the process. Yes, there are powders that have some functions as the foundation but some people prefer to use foundations without powders as well.

They are not totally ignored by the Nigerian beauty industry because there is a foundation shade for every dark skinned woman so, Tara has something for you!

Yes, the whole hype about Tara this morning right? It’s not just hype but there have been positive reviews about the Tara Matt foundation. (See previous reviews from a Londoner). The foundation has it’s thick qualities, it’s perfect blending shade even with an oily skin. For an oily skin, it gives the perfect blend just like a second skin.

Right now, the Tara Matt Foundation is high on demand and makeup artists find this item really easy to work with. Their clients never complain of crackly skin because it stays smooth and locked all day.

If you are wondering where to get this foundation at a really affordable rate, The Kamdora Store is currently on sales of al Tara products including the Foundation. Check out what the current Tara Matte Foundation looks like and shop on the link below.


tara matte-foundation

The Tara Matt Foundation is available in different shades just in case you are in doubt. The available shades are; The Tara Matt Foundation TM321,  Tara Matt Foundation TM 322,  Tara Matt Foundation 323,  Tara Matt Foundation 324,  Tara Matt Foundation 326,  Tara Matt Foundation 327 and  Tara Matt Foundation 328.

Shop here for your required shade. (Link to Kamdora store).

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