Top Model-Chika Lann Reveals Her “Kiko” Hairstyle Costs N40Million!

Top Model-Chika Lann Reveals Her “Kiko” Hairstyle Costs N40Million!
Chika Lann really looks fabulous in her “kiko”hairstyle!

Did we wake up in the wrong world? LOL..That was our question when we heard one of Nigeria’s top model, Chika Lann made a major confession that her “kiko” hairstyle costs N40m in an interview with Pulsetv!

It’s the 21st century, women are free to express themselves and if Chika Lann loves to express her individualism, relate to her roots in the most expensive hair then she should, But the “table” she is shaking has a lot of natural hairstyle women on it. After all, we don’t know how much Lupita Nyong’o spends on her hairstyle too!

But come to think of it, is it not the same “kiko” even women in the local area can plait conveniently but why so expensive? Well, she has the source of income to maintain such voluminous, “unique” hairstyle. But how does she sleep at night?

Find out more in her interview with Pulsetv.

Video Source: Pulsenigeriatv/Instagram

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