Kamdora Kitchen: How To Prepare Plantain Porridge With A Twist!

Kamdora Kitchen: How To Prepare Plantain Porridge With A Twist!

Many people are tired of eating the same thing over and over and over again! They keep asking if there are other types of food they can eat. Yes, baby, there are a whole lot of things you can eat aside from the ‘conventional Nigerian food’ which is rice, beans, yam, fried plantain, eba etc.

Plantain porridge is a fast and easy recipe that is made with unripe plantains which are rich in iron but when the plantain is ripe it becomes carbohydrate. It is easy to prepare and it allows you to be flexible. What I mean is that you can decide to add your own ingredients (pomo, liver, kidney, shrimps, stockfish etc) to spice up your food. If you like sugar, you can add ripe plantain to achieve that sugary taste you want.

Here is how to prepare plantain porridge.


• 3 unripe plantains (1 ripe plantain if you want a sugary taste)
• Vegetable
• 1-3 teaspoons ground crayfish
• Shrimps
• Palm oil
• Fresh Pepper
• Salt
• Magi cubes (I use knorr chicken)
• 2 medium size onions
• Meat of choice
• Fish of choice


1. Boil your meat with any seasoning of your choice (magi, salt, pepper, dried thyme, curry, onions etc). Cook until it is soft. Drain the water (stock) and keep it. You will need it for the porridge.

2. Cut your plantain in bits and boil it. I usually boil mine with the body but you can remove the body and boil yours. Slice your onions and pepper.

3. Once the plantain is soft enough, drain the water and remove the back/peel. Boil little water (1 cup); add the plantain and leave to steam for a few minutes. Add your stock to spice up your recipe.

4. Add your seasoning (magi, salt, onions etc), fish, shrimps and meat to your recipe and allow to boil for a few minutes.

5. Add your fresh pepper and plam oil and allow to boil. Do not mix after adding your pepper and plam oil.

6. Add your vegetable leaves and allow to boil.

7. Mix your recipe and allow the leaves to steam so that it can be a little bit soft.

Serve with cold orange juice.

Boluwatife Ayinde
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