Education, Family Values & Life Lessons In One Entertaining Punch; An MTV Shuga Season 6 Review

Education, Family Values & Life Lessons In One Entertaining Punch; An MTV Shuga Season 6 Review

The first episode of MTV Shuga Season 6 aired on Tuesday, March 6th on MTV Base and we’re yet to get over just how much the season has to offer beyond the fantastic entertainment experience. From lessons on relationship, to family planning, safe sex, teenage pregnancy, and major life issues like child marriage, bullying, and lots more.

MTV Shuga Season 6 - Chide and Diana in the club
As with past MTV Shuga productions, every member of cast gave a stellar performance, giving the show a solid, relatable and realistic feel.

We got introduced to some very interesting characters like Mrs Olotu, played by Nollywood star Funlola Aofiyebi, the grumpy old teacher who insists on strictly following the school curriculum with students, without touching on ‘delicate’ issues such as sex education, relationships and contraceptives.


MTV Shuga Season 6 - Sharon and Yasmin holding the baby
Another noteworthy part of the show is the cultural and religious diversity. Hadiza, a teenage mother from Northern Nigeria is struggling to adjust to life in secondary school in Lagos, while at the same time, trying her best to take care of a baby, with some help from her mom, both in hiding away from family in Kano.

MTV Shuga Season 6 - Hadiza baby and mum family life
Bullying is one sad phenomenon that is very common amongst secondary school students in Nigeria, though not taken too seriously by many adults in our society. On MTV Shuga Naija, we get to see how bullying plays out in a typical school setting with the introduction of a new female clique. Hopefully, viewers will get to understand the dynamics and learn the best ways to help teenagers tackle bullying during the course of the season.

Leila waving

From the first episode, one can see that , MTV Shuga will bring with it, not only high value comedy and entertainment, great acting and dialogue, crisp cinematography and very useful information that everybody, including parents, teens and young adults can learn from.

MTV Shuga Season 6 - Copy of Chide and Diana in the car
MTV Shuga Naija is produced by award-winning writer/filmmaker Chris Ihidero and Emma Uduma, while Tolulope Ajayi, Ishaya Bako and Tope Oshin directed the new season’s episodes.
If you missed the first episode, you can still watch it here.







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